Just a few decades ago, having body hair was in style, but nowadays the ‘shaggy’ type of look is no longer a fashionable look. There are several techniques that exist for removing body hair and waxing is probably the most common of them all. Although waxing can often be quite painful for the client, it has many benefits which make it worth the short instances of pain. Waxing body hair can be performed in a variety of different manners and with different products, but they all have similar effects.

What makes waxing so much better than simply shaving hair is the fact that the results last much longer. When shaving body hair, it will normally grow back quite rapidly, but waxing removes body hair from the roots. This makes it a more permanent solution and it can actually take weeks before the hairs grow back.

Removing hair with waxing techniques also makes it easier to reach certain areas of the body which could otherwise be risky with a razor. For example, you can use waxing techniques for many parts of the body including abdomen, the legs, the genital area. There are even special waxing techniques that can be performed for removing ear hairs and eyebrows.

There are two main types of waxing styles; strip waxing and hot waxing.

Strip waxing involves placing a thin layer of wax over the desired area and then placing a special type of paper strip over the wax. The paper is then pressed onto the wax and ripped off rapidly in the direction that the hair grows. This can be a little painful and it should not be used with people who have sensitive skin.

Hot waxing is the best solution for people with sensitive skin because it does not require the painful ripping part. Hot waxing involves placing hot wax onto the desired area and it is then left there for a short amount of time. The wax eventually hardens on its own and it can easily with the hands.

When waxing your body hair you will notice several benefits that cannot be achieved with other forms of hair removal techniques. For example, waxing over a long period of time will make the hair regrowth much softer to the feel rather than having that common stubble feel from shaving. Also, when you wax over a long period, the hair regrowth will eventually take more time which allows you to wait much longer before having to go back for waxing sessions.

There are tons of different home-made remedies for waxing such as using lemon juice or even honey, but these methods should be avoided. Although many people believe that they can wax themselves from home, it is highly recommended to visit a professional in order to have it done correctly. Incorrect waxing can bring upon more pain than necessary and ingrown hairs or bumps. For a quality wax you can trust Terry from the TR Studio due to his many years of experience and vast amount of knowledge on the subject.

full legs $50

arms 35

face $30

upper lip $ 7

chin $5

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