Weather you are a seasoned highlighter or new to highlighting your hair, you will be delighted with TR Studio’s professional highlighting service. Our stylist is fully trained in highlights of all kinds and we are happy to help you decide on the right highlights for you. You’ll benefit from our high quality treatments and relaxing pampering in our well-equipped studio. Highlights can make a real difference to your hair, refreshing your color and updating your look, so why not book an appointment or consultation today?

Highlights as unique as you 

There are so many different looks that can be achieved with highlights that the choice can seem dizzying. Our professional team is on hand to help you decide on just the right highlights for you. We will take into account your natural hair color and texture, your lifestyle, and the look you want to achieve.

You are free to bring in pictures or ideas to discuss with our stylist, or if you are not sure what you want we can help you with that too. You might like to book extra time for a consultation so we can fully discuss the look that would be best for you. Of course, we’ll also take into account the amount of time you would like to spend maintaining your highlights at home, to make sure you have highlights that fit in with you and your life.

Choosing your highlights

Highlights can create a range of effects on your hair, from a dazzling flash of bold color, to a subtle effect that will bring out your natural tones and give your hair a sun-kissed gleam. When choosing your highlights, it’s important to consider:

What color tones suit your skin best? You can test this by holding both warm and cool toned materials against your skin (take your make up off first!) to see which looks best with your natural skin tone. If you’re not sure, we can help you decide.

What effect are you looking for? Would you like to add a little depth and color to your hair’s natural look, or would you prefer a vibrant streak of color? We would be delighted to talk to you about color options and all the different ways highlights can be used to frame your face, add to your style, and give your hair that little something extra.

What color is your hair now? Your current hair color and condition will help determine which highlights will work best on your hair.

Highlights can be applied using foils for neater highlights, or painted on (a process known as Balayage) for a more natural and blended look. We would be pleased to discuss those options with you.

Professional care

All our highlights are carried out by our professionally trained stylist Terry, using the best quality dyes and products. We will be happy to discuss after care with you and suggest products to keep your highlights looking fresh.

At TR Studio we pride ourselves on our professional, personal service. Terry is an expertly trained stylist with many years of experience, so you can rest assured knowing we are well placed to give you highlights to be proud of.

Full Head starting from $85

Partial Head staring from $55