Hair Updo


Here at  TR Hair Studio in Eagle Rock, we are delighted to offer a professional hair styling service to give you the perfect up do for that big occasion.

We all know that there are times in your life when you want your hair to have that something extra. Perhaps you are going to get married, or be a bridesmaid. Maybe it’s your senior prom, a homecoming ball, or a glittering masquerade. Whatever the occasion, we can provide a professional updo service that will ensure your hair is perfectly styled on your big day. Take the hassle out of creating that perfect pinned-up style and let our professional team do the work for you. You’ll be free to relax and enjoy your special occasion, secure in the knowledge that your hair will look glamorous from beginning to end.

The right do for you

We understand that finding the right updo for you is a very individual process that depends on your hair type and texture, your own unique style, and which event you are attending. We can create all kinds of updos. Whether you are looking for the simple elegance of a French twist or an elaborate dutch braid, a more relaxed up do or something intricate and formal, we can create the right style for you.

Not sure what kind of updo would be best for you? Our fully trained stylist would be delighted to discuss your up do with you. If you’d like, you can bring pictures of updos you admire, or even a picture or description of the dress you will be wearing to your special event. This will help us to advise you on the best updo for your special day, for a look which is polished and complements your clothes perfectly.

We will also take into account your hair’s style, texture, condition and manageability to decide on the style that will look best and last longest in your hair. At TR Studio you are assured a personal service that will leave you looking radiant.

Preparing for your updo

To get the most out of your salon updo, you can follow these tips:

•Keep your hair in good condition – a recent trim will make sure split ends don’t give your style unwanted frizz. Treat your hair well – a weekly deep conditioning treatment in the month leading up to your special event will make sure your hair is in the best condition possible.•Cover those roots – if your hair is dyed, an updo is likely to highlight any unsightly roots, so be sure to get those covered. Clean dry hair is best – freshly washed hair can be a bit unruly for an updo, so wash your hair one or two days before your appointment to make sure it is clean but manageable. Practice appointments – if you like, we can schedule a practice appointment so you can see how your finished style will look, and discuss it with our stylist.

If you need an appointment for a color retouch or split end trim, TR studio would be delighted to help you.

TR Studio is proud of our professional up do service, which takes place in our relaxing, high quality salon. Our head stylist, Terry, is a qualified hairdressing professional with many years experience in the industry. You can relax on your big day, knowing you are in safe hands and your hair is going to look and feel fantastic.

Starting from $50