Some people are very confident about coloring their hair, and others are not certain if hair color is for them. Whichever group you fall into, one thing is for certain – doing it yourself at home doesn’t produce anything like as good results as you can achieve if you go to a professional colorist.There are many reasons to choose to color your hair. Perhaps your natural color is a bit uninteresting, and doesn’t express your personality.

Maybe you are seeing a few grays, and want to cover them up. It could be that your natural hair color has become dull because of illness or pregnancy, and you want to perk it up to its usual look. Or it might me that you just want to have a change of look. Whatever your reason for coloring your hair, you can be sure that you are going to get a better end result if you go to a professional hair colorist like Terry at TR Studio. Terry has years of experience, and she can evaluate the color and condition of your hair, the health of your scalp, your skin tone, lifestyle, and even your personality to come up with the product and color combination which is just right for you. A browse through the drug store shelves and a wild guess just doesn’t compare.

Gone are the bad old days of hair coloring, when your colored hair was one single tone, and had the consistency of an old bath mat. These days a professional colorist like Terry can use ten or more shades to give a fantastic natural look, full of life and movement. And the exclusive beauty parlor products that she uses are designed to bring out the natural healthy sheen of your hair, and look after the condition of your scalp too.
When coloring your hair, you need to use the eye of an artist like Terry. Maybe you have a burning desire to be a blonde, but your skin and eye color just won’t work with the ash blonde you crave. Terry might well offer you instead shades of honey, to blend beautifully with your natural coloring, with just a streak or two of ash in the mix, achieving a flattering look which will look as if you were born with it.

One of the biggest challenges for the average woman is when her hair goes gray. Even if you have held out against hair coloring all your life, the temptation definitely arises to get rid of those gray hairs and look youthful again. Many men prefer their wives to color their hair, especially these days when men often also choose to color their hair. At this delicate stage, you need someone to hold your hand and make sure that the transformation from dull salt and pepper to say, blonde and copper highlights, is carefully done so as to look as natural and beautiful as possible. Dipping you head in a pot of off the shelf color treatment is not the answer!

In order for your color to look and stay great, you need regular attention from your colorist. Terry at TR Studio will be there for you to maintain and enhance your color, ensuring that it always looks simply perfect. No need to worry about roots when you have a professional to take care of everything.

Whether you long to be a redhead, feel that blondes have more fun, yearn for the raven tresses of your youth or simply want to look younger and more fashionable, then don’t take a risk with your hair color – allow a professional to devise the perfect look for you.

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