Brazilian Blow Out


Brazilian Blow out is a hair smoothing keratin based treatment. It has its origin in Brazil where it was a a treatment that does not burn into the scalp or skin and so a hair straightening treatment. It can be done every three months.

The brazilin blowout anti-residue shampoo is first applied in order to prepare the hair and get out all styling gunk in the hair. After a good towel drying, take the treatment which looks and smells like lotion and has no chemical smell of any kind. Divide the hair into sections and then apply the treatment from the root of the hair to the tip as coat each section with the treatment. Many doubt the effectiveness of this but the solution surrounds each hair with protective protein layers which help smooth and flatten the cuticle at the hair shaft.

The Brazilian blowout is advisable to all even the ones who have frizzy, damaged hair. The treatment works with all types of hair that is frizzy, fine, course and even curly. A well and generous application and proper communication with the hair leaves the hair smooth.

For highlighted hair or color treated hair the Brazilian blowout improves the health of the hair as it conditions and for enhanced color seals the cuticle thus reduce frizz and the radiant shine of the hair. For wavy hair it seems naturally healthy and straight, minimizes frizz in curly hair thus leaving the natural curl of the hair and for straight frizz hair it removes the frizz thus promoting the radiant shine of the hair.

The treatment works great on chemically treated hair and also helps improve the condition of the hair by fortifying each hair strand with important amino acids. It also works very effectively on a relaxer. Well relaxed hair then treated with the solution and neutralized lastly after the two treatments are done. For long lasting Brazilian blowout use the Acai after care maintenance product and with can last up to between 9-12 weeks. The more one treats the hair with the solution the more it lasts as it is accumulative treatment.

Once one receives the treatment the hair volume is maintained naturally and still has that great bend when doing the blow-dry. For the color to remain one must color the hair before the treatment is applied to the hair for better results.
After the treatment hair is left frizz free effortlessly manageable and shiny. One has also the option of wearing curly as it depends on the type of the hair an individual has. One has freedom of blow drying the hair smooth and straight in accordance to the fraction of time invested before the treatment is received.

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