Blow Out


There’s nothing quite like a professional salon blow dry to give your hair a new lease of life. Here at TR Studio we will pamper you and your hair, and give it that perfect blow dried finish to leave you feeling fabulous, with hair you are happy with.

When you book a blow dry with TR Studio you are guaranteed a relaxing and pampering experience. Your visit will start with a consultation where we can get to know you and your hair, so we can best serve you with a blow dry that is exactly right for your hair and look. Then, you can relax in our lovely studio, take the weight off your feet for a while, and let our trained team pamper and look after you for a little while. When we’re finished you feel rejuvenated and your hair will look like new.

Update your look

A good blow dry can do so much for your hair. It seems like a deceptively simple treatment compared to something more permanent such as a color, but you’ll be amazed at the effects that can be achieved with a good blow dry. Whether your hair is long or a bit shorter, full of body or fine and flyaway, there’s a blow dry for you.

Blow drying is a versatile treatment that can offer an array of different looks and styles to all hair types. Curly hair can benefit from sleeker, more defined curls and shape, or you can opt for a straighten and blow dry for the ultimate sleek look. Straight hair can be blow dried to provide lift and body on your crown and throughout your hair, or it can be styled straight and sleek for a glamorous look. You’ll be amazed how different your hair can look with a little blow drying. It’s like having a whole new style!

Whether you want something for a specific occasion, or simply fancy a change, we can offer you a blow dry to suit you. You might opt for a relaxing wash and blow dry, or perhaps you will decide to have your hair trimmed or even restyled a little first.

Professional treatments

All of our salon blow dry treatments are carried out using the highest quality professional products. Whether the finished style is going to be sleek and shiny or bouncy and full of body, we will apply the perfect products to create the result you want. Not to mention the relaxing surroundings and pampering atmosphere that will help you to unwind and enjoy a little “you time”.

Looking good for longer

A good blow dry can leave your hair looking fabulous for a day or two after you get home. We would be delighted to advise you on the best way to keep your new blow dry looking fresh, clean and sophisticated, whether that is recommending products or talking over haircare and brushing techniques. Many of our clients are delighted with how good their hair looks after one of our blow dry treatments, even after sleeping on it, so why not treat your hair today?

Here at TR Studio we are proud of our commitment to top quality hair and beauty treatments that fit into your lifestyle. Our stylist, Terry, is fully trained with years of experience with all aspects of hair styling. Visit us today and give your hair the pampering it deserves – you’ll be glad you did.

Short hair above shoulders starting from $25

Long hair below shoulders starting from $35