Want to learn more about the Middle East’s secret to gorgeous eyebrows? Enjoy the benefits of an ancient beauty practice close to home by having your eyebrows threaded at a local spa or salon. Eyebrow threading is a fantastic alternative to other forms of eyebrow grooming and is becoming increasingly popular around the world, for good reason.

Threading, like its name suggests, is the practice of removing hair using heavy-duty cotton thread. Threading can be used to remove hair on a variety of body parts, but is most often used to remove eyebrow and upper lip hair.Eyebrow threading results in a very precisely groomed eyebrow with a perfectly-shaped arch. The precise control that threading gives a stylist allows them to customize your eyebrow shape to your facial structure.

Before threading your eyebrows, the stylist will first ask you about your eyebrow shaping preferences so that they can give you the brows you want. To thread your eyebrows, the stylist will fold a piece of cotton thread in half, twist it tightly, and roll this thread over sections of unwanted hair. The process of rolling this twisted thread over a portion of hair cleanly removes a line of hair directly from the follicles. This is done repeatedly until you are left with your desired eyebrow shape.After the stylist shapes your brows with the twisted thread, they might trim your remaining brow hair for a more polished look. They may also apply a soothing cream or gel to your eyebrow area to soothe your skin.

One of the major advantages of eyebrow threading is that it is more gentle on the sensitive skin around the eyes than waxing or using depilatory creams to remove excess eyebrow hair. This makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin – even skin that is thin due to the use of certain topical medications. Many people experience less post-hair-removal irritation and redness after threading, compared to waxing. As well, many people find having their eyebrows threaded to be much less painful than either tweezing or waxing. Another advantage of eyebrow threading is that it is a faster process than tweezing because several hairs are removed at once, whereas tweezing with a fine-point tweezer removes one hair at a time. Threading provides very good results if your have coarse, dark eyebrow hair that can be difficult to remove with depilatory creams or waxing. Unlike waxing, eyebrow threading is also very well suited for removing very short hairs precisely and cleanly.

To maintain a freshly-threaded and glamorous look, eyebrow threading should be repeated at least every four to six weeks, or more often if your eyebrow hair grows very quickly.

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